Exceptional Craftsmanship and Remarkable Project Management


Estimating, Enhancement and Execution


At William Dee Installations, we believe there are three basic requirements of a successful construction project: Estimating, Enhancement, and Execution. With on-staff experts in a broad range of specialties—construction, engineering, safety, scheduling, procurement, survey, labor relations, information systems, facility management, and finance—we are well prepared to meet these three standards of performance with innovative solutions and professional services.

WDI works within all project delivery methods – from conventional construction or alternative project delivery methods

 – that result in better allocation of risk to the parties best able to manage the risk.



Traditional start-to-finish construction, WDI; in-depth knowledge of the local labor market, logistics, material prices, subcontractors and suppliers enhances our full range of construction services. From small to large, simple to complex, WDI seeks to add value to each and every project.

General Contracting


  Our extensive capabilities enable us to offer our clients a complete range of construction services - whether we provide our services as a General Contractor and / or Construction Manager. For our client's projects, we will assemble a dedicated team of in-house highly qualified professionals to 

meet each project’s particular requirements. 

Our focus for constructing these projects is still based on the team approach.